Saturday, 25 October 2008

Anton du Beck

So the past couple of nights have been awesome. Just been hanging out with my best friend Anthony. He's awesome, we have such a good laugh together.

Wednesday night we had Subway and then went back to his to play on the PS3 for a bit, and just chilled out. We played CoD4, and he kicked my ass with that, although I got a few good kills back, lol. Then we played GTA where we kept knocking things over and just generally wrecking our cars in it, was fun though.

Thursday night we'd planned to go to the cinema, but couldn't decide which film to go see. It was a toss up between Burn After Reading, Eagle Eye and Taken. Well, we arrived too late to go see Burn After Reading, and we had no idea what Taken was about. So we went to go see Eagle Eye. We had Pizza Hut (sorry, Pasta Hut) beforehand, and just talked for a while.

He's been my best friend for 4 years now, so I was looking at all my photos, and found a few of just the two of us, so decided to upload a kind of crude timeline to see how we've both grown over the years.

NOTE: this timeline starts from July 05 (apparently, cameras weren't invented before then).

From top left:
July 05 - Friend's 17th Birthday at Nandos restaurant. It's been commented we look like old men in this one.
November 05 - Anthony's 18th Birthday at my house. Yes, I threw an 18th birthday party for him.
December 05 - At a New Years Eve party, we look so thrilled to be there. It was the first of 2 parties that night.
March 06 - Friend's 18th Birthday. Look at the height difference between us, you can really tell it here.
May 06 - Friend's 17th Birthday. My hair looks awful here ... just awful.
July 06 - A random day at my house. We had a picnic (not just us two) and the girls decided to take a picture of us talking on the blanket.
November 06 - Anthony's 19th. Yes, we are holding the same flower in our mouths, how cool are we!
January 07 - Another birthday party. Stupid faces are an element in our photos, this is also one of the last photos before Anthony decided to grow a beard.
January 08 - The same person's birthday a year later. This is my favourite picture of us two. It almost looks professionally done.
September 08 - Annual end of summer party at mine. I was quite drunk at this point, Anthony wasn't. You should have seen the first picture taken.

So that's a glimpse into our past few years. And hopefully there'll be plenty more to come in the future. :)

Ciao. x



JohnOfJordan said...

Very cute.

Jess<3 said...

I agree. Very cute. At least you take pictures with your friends. For some reason, no one ever takes a camera on our outings. :[

Mr. Writer said...

Oh, there's always a camera anywhere we go ... even if it's not a digital one, it's a cameraphone (best invention EVAR!)